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Elton John to wed David Furnish after 21 years together

Windsor (United Kingdom) (AFP) - British pop legend Elton John will marry long-time partner David Fu…

Product of the day: Saskia Diez - triangle FRINGE earclips

Glittery fringes for your ear that form a triangle. Great for going out. The fringes are dangling fr…

Find Out How Your Salary Compares To The UK National Average

How does your salary compare to the national average? The UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS)…

Tunisians vote for post-revolution president

Tunis (AFP) - Tunisians voted Sunday in the runoff of the first free presidential election in the co…

The year of the troll

Sizing up the highs, lows, and everything in-between for life online in 2014.

Why 2014 was actually a positive year for women in tech

The first step in fixing a problem is to acknowledge it.

The heroes in the fight to save the Internet

Meet the mostly unsung soldiers in the battle to save the ‘net.

The 14 most important YouTubers of 2014

These men and women are the ones living the 2014 ideal of changing the face of entertainment.

Reddit 2014: The good, the bad, and the downright ugly

It wasn’t all bad on the social news site this year—but it wasn’t pretty either.

The 10 most influential fandoms of 2014

If last year was the year of the fangirl, 2014 was a year of celebrating diversity.

The 10 most unexpectedly delightful Vine stars of 2014

The true acolytes of Vine were the original voices and unique personalities that cropped up seemingl…

The battle of Gamergate and the future of video games

Here’s everything you should know about one of the divisive battles of 2014.

The absolute best new Tumblrs of 2014

If you’re not following these blogs, you’re missing out…

An undeniable 85-song sampler of the year in hip-hop

Highlights from a year dominated by Rich Gang, DJ Mustard, and, sigh, Iggy Azalea.

What we’ve won and lost in the ‘War on Women’

In 2014, for every one step forward, we took two back.

7 things we learned the hard way from Ferguson

What Ferguson taught us about media—and ourselves.